World's first active noise cancelling system designed specifically for heat pumps.

We are improving people’s wellbeing by reducing noise pollution of domestic or industrial heating and refrigeration systems.

Rising demand in heat pumps is increasing noise pollution at night

Exposure to high levels of background noise significantly reduces quality of life

20% of urban population exposed to harmful night time noise pollution

>$100bn healthcare cost due to noise pollution

Passive heat pump noise reduction methods are inefficient at low tonal frequencies that penetrate through the windows

Night time noise pollution is a major concern in residential areas.

Global heat pump market is rapidly growing.

Strong EU push towards green technology

Fiscal stimulations for replacing fossil-fuel-based heating systems

The most energy efficient heating system to date

Most manufacturers report close to 40% annual sales growth figures


Hummble was founded by experts in acoustical engineering, noise control and hardware product development.



Join us on our journey towards a quieter green future.

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